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What our Clients Have to Say...

We think of our clients like family.  As Health Insurance consultants, we have a very important role and we take it seriously.  We love to hear from our many happy customers and wanted to share a few of the recent emails and testimonials we have received.

"I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how pleased I am with your recommendation on my Health Coverage.

American Philadelphia has been outstanding in speed of which they handle claims and the catastrophic loss rider is exactly what you said. Recently I had a unexpected Heart attack, and when I looked at my policy coverage to see that I was covered 100%. To this day I have not spent $1.00. and to top that I received a check for a nice sum from the Catastrophic Loss rider.

So after being self-employed for close to 40 years I no longer need to worry about choosing and researching Health coverage

Again Thank You for your knowledge and product"



"Wanted to let you know we used the insurance for the first time last week. Non emergency doctor visit and it worked great. We paid nothing out of pocket that day, the office filed the paperwork and one week later we received a check in the mail for the difference in the charge and our allowance. Amazing! Thank you for your help with this and for selling a product that does what it says."



I had the pleasure of working with Christian and he quoted a plan that provided better coverage with less out of pocket costs than going on my wife's big company group plan.  Appreciate your knowledge and patience through the process."



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